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Disturbing the Thought Process


SATURDAY NOV 12, 2016 12:30-5:00PM

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What, Where and When?

You will walk away with critical skills for creating more loyal and effective relationships, ensuring a higher degree of success in your business and personal lives.

  • Break down the treadmill affect.
  • Optimize your results.
  • Replace current activities with activities that create results.
  • 2 elements needed to be a success in the business world today.



SATURDAY NOV 12, 2016 12:30-5:00PM

Networking, complimentarty apptizers & drinks after the event!

Principles of “HOW THE TOP 5% THINK!” will equip you with the means to EXCEL in your PROFESSIONAL and PERSONAL LIFE.

Keynote Speakers

James Cottle

Host & MC

has started and built multi-million dollar businesses. Due to a health incident, I had lost everything I had built. following specific success principles, I have re-built everything in a matter of few years.

This event is about sharing these executeables success principles with you. The good, the bad and the ugly of what it takes to be successful

Fred Sarkari

International Keynote Speaker

Is a licensed Psychotherapist. He has been dubbed by the media as a human behavior expert. His background involves research around behavior patterns and how they impact your outcomes in your corporate and personal lives.

Fred is a best selling author of three books.

He has spoken for employees of Microsoft, BMW, Coca-Cola, Hilton Hotels and many more

Chinkee Tan

Wealth & Life Coach, TV & Radio Personality, Best-Selling author to 5 Books

Is known for his simple formula: "Mindset + Action = Result". He helped over 50 people make their first million.

To achieve FINANCIAL SUCCESS one needs to acquire Financial Wisdom. Know the secrets to achieve Financial Freedom. Success in personal savings, success in personal budgeting and success in creating multiple cashflow.

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